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Welcome to the Digital Badge IT Junior Cookbook Enterprise

We work with children and young people to set up ‘Junior Cookbook Enterprises’ – raising funds for schools, charities or a chosen good cause.¬†Young entrepreneurs (or CHEFpreneurs as we like to call them) undertake a series of tasks such as designing a logo and cooking mascot, developing recipes, conducting market research, completing basic finance tasks, producing promotional materials etc. As the young CHEFpreneurs progress through the enterprise process, they are also creating the content to produce a bespoke, beautiful cookbook… ready to sell and raise funds.


How It Works

Becoming a Junior Cookbook Enterprise School or Organisation

Organisations sign-up to become a 'Junior Cookbook Enterprise' organisation, choosing to either purchase a 'Fundraising Pack' OR enable parents to pay us direct for their children to take part in the project.

The ' Fundraising Pack' provides organisations with everything they will need to run a 'Junior Cookbook Enterprise' project, including worksheets for each task. An online DIGI-space will also be assigned, where organisations can upload work produced for each task and the final cookbook produced can be sold via an online shop we create for you.

We collate all the work produced during the enterprise tasks, to create a unique cookbook. Organisations can even choose a theme unique to them, such as 'healthy eating' or 'recipes from around the world'. Cookbooks have a maximum of 20 recipes

Online Digital Badges

For projects which have 20 or less participants (or teams), children will also have the opportunity to login to our innovative DIGI-space digital badge system. Children are able to upload their work to achieve and track online digital badges, which are awarded for completed tasks.

Opportunities for Business Sponsorship

Businesses are actively encouraged to sponsor cookbooks and /or individual recipe pages to further raise funds.


Primary school enterprise projects

Primary school whole school fundraisers

Curriculum enrichment projects

Extra-curricular clubs and activities

Youth, community group and holiday playscheme projects

Year 6 post SATs reward activity

Example Cookbook


For Organisations

For Parents & Children

For Businesses